As of April, 2024



BofA Securities Japan Co., Ltd.

Kyoji Chiba

Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.

Noritsugu Hirakawa

J.P. Morgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd.

Akiko Kuwahara

Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.

Takaomi Kono

Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

Norichika Oogaki

SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

Takuya Maeda



This list is prepared based on information obtained by the Company at the time of posting. Note that there may be other analysts reporting on the Company, the Company does not support or sponsor any of the listed analysts, and the table does not always show the most updated list of the analysts covering the Company. 
Analysts analyze the Company's performance, businesses, products and technologies, and make forecasts based on their own judgments. The Company is not involved in these processes. 
This list is posted to provide investors with information about analysts who analyze and forecast the Company's business performance, as well as their institutions. The Company does not solicit or recommend the purchase or sale of its stock. 
When making actual investments, investors are requested to make investment decisions based on their own judgment and according to their own responsibility.