Oji Holdings (CEO: Masatoshi Kaku, Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) announces that today it has issued the Oji Group Integrated Report 2020. This fiscal year’s report was compiled in such a way that provides narrative and makes it easier to understand. The report also contains content that deepens readers' understanding of the Oji Group's initiatives for the creation of a sustainable society as a global company, as well as reader-friendly descriptions on the Group's goals and strategy based on the management philosophy of "Creation of Innovative Values," "Contribution to the Future and the World" and "Harmony with Nature and Society."
In addition, Oji Holdings has established Sustainability Report (online ) on its website. The report presents detailed data related to non-financial information (ESG) to ensure that its content is relevant to the Integrated Report.
Going forward, the Oji Group will continue to contribute to the building of a sustainable society through the enhancement corporate value.




・What the Oji Group Aims For Message from the President / Value Creation Process / Sustainable Business Model and Core Competencies / Material issues, Risks, and Opportunities / Promotion of Innovation
・Business Strategy Household and Industrial Materials Businesses / Functional Materials Business / Forest Resources and Environment Marketing Business / Printing and Communications Media Business / Others
・Management Strategy Message from the Chairman / Corporate Governance / Risk Management / Messages from the Independent Outside Directors
・Sustainability Strategy Material Issues (ESG) and KPI / Environment / Society ・Financial Data & Corporate Data Business Performance and a Message from the Director in Charge of Finance

-The Oji Group Integrated Report 2020
-Sustainability Report (online)