Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Masatoshi Kaku), began sales of its high quality printing paper “OK Muse Gulliver Series” in April 2013 and since has been receiving high acclaim from many quarters.
The company has decided to renew its lineup of high quality printing paper, integrating the “OK Plastar Series” into the “OK Muse Gulliver Series” to make the products lineup easier to understand and also easier to select products that are suited to customer’s needs.
This renewal will be implemented in three stages, from “R1” to “R3”, taking the “R” from the word renewal, and will also include the new introduction of thicker products for some brands.
This new series offers customers wider variety of uses than before, including books, graphics and paper products.

-- R1: Starting successive transition from June 2014
The “OK Plastar Series” will be integrated into the “OK Muse Gulliver Series”.
“OK Super Plastar 7C” will become “OK Muse Gulliver Gloss CoC White”.
* FSC-certified.
* The tone is similar but the quality is slightly different. Please contact us for details.

-- R2: To be launched in the market on July 1, 2014
Items will be added to the “OK Muse Gulliver Series”.
Eagerly-awaited thicker products will be introduced to “OK Muse Gulliver Gloss CoC”.
* Compatible with all ream weights of “OK Super Plastar 7C”, allowing for a smooth transition.
* FSC-certified.


Brand Name

OK Muse Gulliver Gloss CoC


High white, White, Off White

Product Range 45 items (3 colors, 5 thickness, 3 sizes)
Substance 104.7g/m2 127.9g/m2 157.0g/m2 209.4g/m2 232.6g/m2
Ream Weight (1091x788mm) 90kg 110kg 135kg 180kg 200kg
(939x636mm)(636x939mm) 62.5kg 76.5kg 93.5kg 125kg 139kg
Sheets per pack 200 200 100 100 100


-- R3: To be launched in the the market on September 1, 2014
A new brand, “OK Muse Gulliver R CoC”
, will appear in the “OK Muse Gulliver Series”.
* To be the successor of “OK Plastar 7C”. Paper quality and tones will be identical.
* FSC-certified. Characterized by natural tones from recycled paper (30% or more).


Brand Name

OK Muse Gulliver R CoC


White, Natural

Product Range 14 items (2 colors, 5 thickness, 1 or 2 sizes)
Substance 104.7g/m2 127.9g/m2 157.0g/m2 197.7g/m2 232.6g/m2
Ream Weight (1091x788mm) 90kg 110kg 135kg 170kg 200kg
(939x636mm) - 76.5kg 93.5kg - -
Sheets per pack 200 200 100 100 100

Katsuhide Kawamura
Group Manager, Sales Division, Fancy and Functional Paper Sales Department, Oji F-Tex Co., Ltd.
Phone: +81-3-5550-3044