Oji Holdings Corporation and Japan Environmental Education Forum will team up to hold a hands-on environmental education program for children called the “Oji Forest Nature School” on five occasions between the end of July and end of August 2016 in prefectures of Hokkaido, Nikko, Fuji and Hiroshima. The programs will be held at Oji Group mills or company-owned forests.

The Oji Group manages some 190,000 hectares of company-owned forests across 700 locations in Japan and endeavors to help these forests sustain their public benefits, including cleansing the air we breathe, recharging water resources, preventing soil erosion, and conserving biodiversity. The Oji Forest Nature School program first started in 2004 as part of the Oji Group's social contribution activities utilizing its company-owned forests.

The Oji Forest Nature School program includes a 3-day, 2-night hands-on environmental education program that highlights the cultivation and utilization of forests, including a tour of a papermaking mill, sessions on tree planting and thinning, and a hands-on paper making class. The program also includes nature observations, tree climbing, river swimming, and camping which utilizes the distinct natural environment of each location. With 2016 marking to be the 12th program, this year's Oji Forest Natural School will be held on five occasions in four locations (to be held twice at the Fuji location, Shizuoka) during the summer vacation period to expand environmental education opportunities under the theme of connections between forests, industry and people. Participation is free (participants must pay for their transportation to and from the meeting place, etc.).

Going forward, the Oji Group stands committed to giving back to society through environmental education.

Yasushi Iizuka
Public Relations Office, General Affairs Department, Oji Holdings Corporation
Phone: +81-3-3563-4523