Oji Holdings Corporation would like to announce that together with Marubeni Corporation, both companies have agreed to enter into a Sale and Purchase agreement to acquire a total of 76% (40% and 36% respectively) of the issued shares of Tele-Paper (M) Sdn Bhd (hereinafter "TP"); a converting and printing company which conducts its businesses through the manufacture and sale of its key products mainly in Thermal paper and Carbonless paper to retailers, logistics, airline, medical, office supplies, banking, lottery and other various Thermal paper-related industries in Malaysia; has been executed today.

1. Business development of Functional Materials in Southeast Asia
The OJI Group aims to become an innovative value-creating company, through one of OJI’s management strategies of “Further expansion of overseas business” to achieve its management philosophy of “Beyond the Boundaries”. In particular, with regards to the further development of our Functional Materials Business, along with the development and sales of new products, OJI is working to aggressively expand in the rapidly growing economy of the Southeast Asia region.
For OJI’s Thermal paper and Carbonless paper business, OJI have established the upstream business through its Thermal paper and Carbonless paper production company, "OJI Paper (Thailand) Ltd.". By acquiring the shares of the converting and printing company TP, OJI seeks to expand the upstream business of OJI’s Thermal paper and Carbonless paper business into the downstream processing field, thus strengthening its position and business in Southeast Asia.


2. Background of the acquisition of shares
1)The OJI Group’s integration of its upstream business and downstream business, will allow OJI to have a better assessment of the market needs and promptly capture the market demand through timely product development and introduction, resulting in an increase in sales of Thermal paper.
2)By acquiring a converting and printing company in the downstream business, OJI upstream sector business have secured a stable source of demand for OJI’s products in the downstream sector.
3)OJI aims leverage on TP's talent pool, in-house technologies and market knowledge to further expand its Thermal paper converting and printing business to other regions.

Moving forward, OJI aim to actively promote the overseas expansion of its Functional Materials Business. Along with the self-adhesive label business, such as share acquisition of Hyper-Region Labels Sdh Bhd in May 2016, OJI plans to promote business expansion in Southeast Asia.


3. Overview of TP

Company Name



Shah Alam (37km from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Date of Establishment

21st April 1994

Business Line

Manufacture (Convert and Print) and sales of Thermal paper, Carbonless paper etc. used for recording in a variety of office equipment, such as Thermal paper register roll, ATM, Baggage Tag, Boarding Pass, Lottery Tickets, Parking Tickets and Medical Recording Papers.

Number of Employees

Approximately 590 (End of December 2015)


[Recent business performance of Tele-Paper]


December, 2014

* December, 2015

Sales Revenue

155 (JPY 4.3 billion)

189 (JPY 5.3 billion)

Total Assets

156 (JPY 4.4 billion)

184 (JPY 5.2 billion)

*RM 1 = JPY 28.0 * before audit


4.Impact on financial result
There will be no impact on OJI’s financial results’ forecast ending March 2017 due to this acquisition.


Hiroyuki Isono

Director of Board, General Manager of Overseas Corporate Planning Dept.,

Oji Management Office Inc,

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